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My name is Matthew Ross, amateur callsign KE0BIU, and this web site documents my experiences in ham radio.

I have always been curious of electronics; given the nickname "Sparky" by my brother after opening up a Sega Genesis as a small child. This trend hasn't stopped.

Born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa, USA.
My current QTH is EN31EP

I was granted my Technician class license in 2014. My first radio was a Baofeng UV-5R, due to it's low cost. This radio also worked well for APRS, in which I am still active. I'm even using the same radio for my APRS TX iGate!

digital radiosRecently, I have expanded my collection of radios, which now includes most amateur digital voice modes. I am capable of transmitting D-Star, C4FM (YSF), and DMR. I can also monitor P25.

I have an APRS iGate at my QTH, running with two Raspberry Pi's, TNC-Pi, and a RTL-SDR dongle.

I also have a D-Star Hotspot, running 1 watt into a mag mount antenna on a cookie sheet. This covers my local neighborhood.

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